• Three Easy Car Upgrades That Are Always Worth It

    Three Easy Car Upgrades That Are Always Worth It

    When the factory standard isn’t doing it for you any more, a lot of drivers start to consider what they could add or change in their vehicle to get a bit more fun out of it. But what to change? With tens of thousands of individual parts in a car, there’s a galaxy of choice available for those looking to make an improvement somewhere.

    If you’re looking to make your morning commute or Sunday drive better in a substantial way, there are a few classic upgrades you can reach for that are sure to add a little bit of something extra to every kilometre. Don’t be fooled by flashy or unnecessary additions – we’ve rounded up a few classic changes that give you great value for money whatever car you’re driving.


    Good brakes aren’t just a luxury, they’re an essential. A quality set on your tyres ensures that you’re able to come to a complete stop faster in emergency situations, potentially preventing or mitigating an accident. What’s more, you’ll appreciate the things it adds outside of emergencies. Simple things like slowing down as you approach the lights or losing speed as you round a corner in wet weather are so much easier, smoother and safer when you have a high-quality set of brakes equipped. More expensive trim packages from many manufacturers frequently include a set of carbon ceramic brakes, making them an affordable upgrade no matter what you drive.


    You’d be amazed how many problems a good set of wheels and tyres fixes. All the engineering and technology packed into your vehicle is in service of giving you more control over how your wheels behave on the pavement, so ensuring that yours are top-notch go a long way to enhancing the comfort and safety of your drive. Not only will you eke a bit more performance and ride comfort out of an otherwise stock vehicle with a new pair of wheels, you’ll also be transforming the look of your car, giving your vehicle a fresh appearance.


    When you’re on your morning commute, an uncomfortable chair can make a bad traffic jam even worse. Fix that but upgrading your chairs. Often more expensive trim packages offer upgraded chairs made featuring everything seat warmers to exclusive leather fabrics, adding a bit of comfort to even the most frustrating drives.

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  • Choosing the Right Auto Parts Retailer

    Choosing the Right Auto Parts Retailer

    Whether you’re a keen amateur mechanic doing a bit of repair or restoration work, or the owner of a garage with a constant need for components, you’re occasionally going to need a part that’s a little bit harder to find than usual. When that time comes, it can pay to know who to turn to, enabling you to find what you’re looking for faster. While there are multiple places you could go hunting for a specific part, they are not all created equal. In this blog, we’ll break down a few of your options, helping you find the part you need in the shortest time possible and at the best price. Read on and make the smarter decision for your vehicle.

    Bricks and mortar

    Your first point of call is likely to be a franchised or branded automotive parts retailer. While you may walk in with high hopes, ask any dedicated restorer of classic cars what the average level of knowledge is in a car parts store and they will probably laugh at you. Unless you have the most generic vehicle on the market in a very recent model, you’re highly likely to leave the store empty handed.

    The wild west

    If you’re below a certain age, your first impulse may be to turn to the internet. This can be helpful for guiding you towards the right part, but you’re likely to run into similar problems as with the physical store. While the standard of education may be higher, you’re likely to find that with uncommon or older parts that everyone is simply out of stock and only deals in what they themselves can order from their supplier.

    You’ll also be paying for shipping, and one of the iron rules of internet shopping is that if postage isn’t expensive, it’s extremely slow. If you rely on the vehicle you’re working on for errands or work, it could be out of commission for up to a month if you’re unwilling to pay steep postage rates.

    Working with the professionals

    So what is the right choice? In most cases, it’s going to the source. Online and physical stores are entirely at the mercy of their suppliers, so to get the broadest possible choice, go to the people who supply the stores. Many wreckers and automotive recyclers specialise in certain makes and types of vehicle. Find one who covers the vehicle you’re working with and start a conversation. It’s highly likely a compatible part is sitting in a car on their lot as you speak to them.

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